Sunday, 23 July 2017

Faction Focus: Grey Knights Terminators

When the Cruiser "Icarus"was in orbit of Belis Alta a strike force was dispatched to the planet's surface. The strike force was split up and several 5-man squads of Terminators started their "search and destroy" patrols gathering information for Kaldor Draigo who stayed on the Icarus to oversee the action. Going through the desolated ruins of Belis Prime and impermeable jungle every encounter was documented on date sheets and transmitted to the command vessel.
A sergeant leads his 5 man teminator squad on Belis Alta.
Other than their stats there's no real difference between Terminators or Paladins so these can be fielded as either one. I like using the five man squads with various weapons and I have magnetised the terminator at the back so he can also be fitted with a brotherhood banner.