Friday, 7 July 2017

Faction Focus: Genestealer Cult Genestealers Ambush

The Genestealer Cult Hydraic on Belis Alta hails from Hyvefleet Hydra. The cult was started many years ago when a cargo vessel brought a single stowaway genestealer to Belis Alta. It slipped through the starport security and hid in the shadows, lurking for a suitable prey the genestealer ambushed the convoy of the imperial priest of the Adeptus Ministorum, Benedict Alphus. The priests bodyguards were slain but Alphus himself was "blessed" with the "genestealers kiss". Alphus continued his duties but started to use his position and influence to aid the Genestealers objective to infect en infest the Belis system.
The trap is sprung, Genestealers led by the Patriarch Ambush the enemy.

Patriarch Kartichii of Genestealer Cult Hydraic leads the Assault.

Genestealers jump out of their hiding places with lightning speed

At the moment I have 40 Genestealers painted up which seem to come in handy going by their current 8th edition rules. They are led by a Patriarch with his two Familiars. I will do a portrait and bit of storyline on them soon. Of course I have bought the Games Workshop Overkill box set to get the most out of it for my genestealer cult but I also have some various other genestealer types from box sets as the assault on macragge, the normal genestealer boxset and even some genestealers from the original 1989 Space Hulk 1989 set. It's funny to see how the genestealers have changed over the years but as long as you all paint them up the same way and mix them up you don't really notice.

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