Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Faction Focus: Ork BigMek Snagtoof

Snagtoof was just one of the many Meks in Warlord Grimsnik's army. He was small of posture for an Ork but when Skrapsmacka challenged Grimsnick's leadership they fought to the death. Skrapsmacka won but was seriously injured to the head. The other Nobz ordered Mek Snagtoof to heal the new warlord thinking the inexperienced Mek would surely fail and that way they could easily get rid of Skrapsmacka and seize power.
Ork BigMek Snagtoof with his Kustom Force field
However, things went differently and not only did the warlord make a full recovery, Snagtoof also made some great bionic enhancements to Skrapsmacka's mangled body.
When Skrapsmacka was fully recovered he showed his gratitude to Snagtoof for operating on his brain and body without killing him, actually making him stronger instead. He appointed Snagtoof as the new Big Mek in his WAAAGH! Snagtoof is a thinker and magnificent genius coming up with all sorts of wonderful contraptions and vehicles. He is particularly great in building kustom forcefields, he even wears one as a backpack making it near impossible to shoot him on the battlefield.