Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The story of Belis Alta - Part 2 – Flora Mortis

At first the expedition teams that were send out on patrol were keen and eager to explore and document as much as possible of their new found planet. But it wasn't long before the realised that however beautiful this planet was most lifeforms on it were skilled predators. Even the local flora seemed to have a habit of snapping at explorers that were incautiously moving through the terrain.

 Some of the plants had ingenious ways of trapping pray with a lure, something that looked like fruit would attract the prey and when they were close enough they would spring the trap and catch the victim. A plant notorious for killing explorers like that was the Velvet Bulsatrap. With a width of 10 feet and razor sharp thorns it would snap shut and release a digestive fluid through its stem which would slowly dissolve the victim. The Barbed venustrap worked similar but when the victim came close enough to the middle it would shoot out hundreds of tiny sharp poisoned darts or thorns which would paralyse the victim before slowly closing its leaves and let the digestive fluid do its work.

Then there were the angler plants like the Lush Hamiotae which would hang from trees or overhanging rocks and anyone unfortunate enough to walk underneath them would be caught by its tentacles and sucked into the plant. The Abruptus Insidia is in a bit of a grey area as scientist are unsure that it is actually a plant or animal. It looks like a plant but seems to have a beating heart and brain but can't move.

Other hazardous plants on Belis Alta are the toxic emitting Poxea. The plant grows in large groups who together emit enough toxic gasses to kill a man within 10 seconds when trying to pass through. The razor sharp leaves and grasses have made some areas impassable and even cut off limbs of those who dared to cross a field of Razoroots. A man high grass like plant with large sharp leaves that will cut you upon the slightest touch. If you try to cross a field of Razoroots a sudden gust of wind would have the effect of hundreds of sharp blades slashing at you.

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