Sunday, 31 December 2017

Battle report: Orks vs Aeldari - The Comet

Warboss Skrapsmacka had seen a flash of light in the dark skies above, shortly followed by a second flash, and a third ,...and a fourth. A trace of light plummeted towards the planet, coming straight to the Orks on Belis Alta.
The War boss quickly rallied his army and soon they were moving forward to a better position anxious to find out what it was that was falling from the sky.

Unknown to the Orks at that moment an Aeldari force was following the light trace with great interest. They knew exactly what it was and needed to secure it before anyone on the planet's surface would be able to obtain it.

The battlefield
 The Orks set up position coming from the South West of the crashed Aquila site whilst the Aeldari set up in the North East near the old temple grounds. The area was a rough terrain and alien jungle plants had overgrown much of the ground. Large rocks and deep impact craters from the first Belis war gave the terrain a rugged look.

Soon the green tide was ready to crush the enemy but they still had some ground to cover. The Aeldari smartly used the terrain to their advantage knowing the Orks would have to cross the bare middle terrain. Falcons and a fire prism lined up to shoot as many orks as possible. Having the initiative would surely help them.

Unfortunately for the Aeldari the Orks seized the initiative and raged forward immediately and catching the enemy by surprise. The weirdboy casted Da Jump on a group of 30 boys which cornered a group of Guardians and the Avatar of Khaine in the temple grounds. The Orks shooting didn't do much because guardians were in cover.

But after shooting the Orks did what they do best and charged forward into combat. The avatar of khaine knew this spelled trouble.

On the other side of the board a group of Rangers had spawned and took cover in an old impact crater. Their rifles had the Ork leaders in their sights. Unfortunately for them Warboss Skrapsmacka had held a group Kommando's in reserve and they ambushed the rangers. Before they knew it the five man rangers squad was decimated. 

From the back f the Ork lines a Dakkajet flew over and aimed it's supaShootas at an Aeldari Falcon but it only took minor damage. However the loud noise of the Dakkajet caused an uproar in the Ork army. The hand to hand combat in the old temple grounds was as quick as it was bloody. 

The Ork boys decimated the guardians but know they themselves seemed to be in trouble. The Avatar of Khaine pulled back from combat and the Aeldari lined up all their units to shoot the Ork boys which were now within their position.

Aeldari shooting was very effective although they had used all their shots to see off the immediate Ork threat. 

Warboss Skrapsmacka was raging with anger. He shouted to his weirdboy to send in another squad of boys using "Da Jump". The battlewagon was loaded with Nobs and with the boys out of it's way it now rolled towards the Aeldari line.

Another unit of 30 boys was "jumped" forward but now they didn't go for the temple ground but the guardians and Falcon nearby. The dakkajet aimed it's Shootas at a unit of Striking Scorpions which at the end of shooting had only one scorpion left. 

The Aeldari knew from their previous encounter with a large group of boys within their lines that they could easily see them off if they aligned their shooting in one turn of mass shooting. And again the result was the same and the boys were gone. 

The Aeldari then shot the battlewagon to pieces. Unfortunately this part of battle wasn't documented properly but the Ork battlewagon and the Nobs inside were taken out by mass shooting by the falcons and fire prism. Guide and Doom left the Orks with no chance.  However the Ork weirdboy triad to cast smite but rolled perils instead and that took off the last wounds of the avatar of khaine and the Ork warboss...

The comet had landed at the middle of the table. An area already swarming with Orks but the Aeldari Tanks quickly moved in. The Aeldari however hardly had and scoring troops left. The Orks had held a unit of 20 Gretchin back in cover which now raced forward to grab the objective. The Ork Kommandos also moved in from the South east but were still a long way out.

Once again the Dakkajet roared through the sky and took out the last Aeldari scoring units. The gretchin now held the objective in their small grubby claws and refused to give it up. even when the Aeldari shot most of them off the comet. With this the game came to an end as the Aeldari withdrew from combat knowing they wouldn't be able to secure the objective.

This was a great game and very exciting till the end. at first it seemed the overwhelming attacks of the Orks would drown the Aeldai in hand to hand combat but the Aeldari armour seemed to be too much for the Orks. A narrow victory  in the first battle on Belis Alta was rewarding but most of all a lot of fun. This is one of the three types of terrain I have made for Belis Alta and I'm looking forward to the next battle.

Untill next time...