Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Faction Focus: Ork Warboss Skrapsmacka

The Orks on Belis alta are led by Warboss Skrapsmacka, a fearsome and cunning leader that is ruthless towards his enemies and his own warband. He is often seen dishing out disciplinary punishments to those who don't obey him quick enough or simply stand in his way.
Skrapsmacka in "the battle for Mareks Pass" CLICK TO ENLARGE 
Skrapsmacka came to power when the ork assault on Belis Alta led by Warboss Grimsnik failed. The remaining orks were stranded on the planet and regrouped far from the battlefield deep in the jungle. Warboss Grimsnik ordered the Orks to rebuild their battered warmachines. Piles of loot and scrap were dragged from the battlefield and the rebuilding of the army began. Grimsnik's leadership was under pressure though and from all the Ork Nobz longing for power it was Skrapsmacka who acted first and he challenged Grimsnik to a fight for power. The duel lasted 2 full hours and ended when Skrapsmacka bashed the old Warboss' head in with a peace of scrap. He is their new leader and he is eager to start another Waaagh! on Belis Alta.

Scrapsmacka was made and painted by me in 2011 using the "Assault on Black Reach" Warboss model. Their are some subtle conversions like the chainsaw on his slugga and I replaced one of the powerklaw "fingers" with another chainsaw. A proppa warboss!