Sunday, 9 July 2017

Faction Focus: Ork Battlewagon

Warboss Scrapsmacka likes to get in the fight as quickly as possible so he ordered the build of a couple battlewagons. The hulking trucks are the heavy behemoths in his army, the ground shakes and the sky is filled with suffocating black smoke as they move forward. Enemies tremble by the shears sound of screeching tracks and rumbling engines as they get closer and closer.
Ork Battlewagon fitted with Deff Rolla and Kill Kanon.
After being frustrated a couple of times because his battlewagons got stuck behind his own troops Scrapsmacka ordered his BigMeks to fit every battlewagon with either a Deff Rolla or Reinforced Ram. His troops learned the hard way that the battlewagons would move in one straight line towards the enemy as fast as possible no matter what was in its way
"GET OUT OF ME WAY YA NUMTY!" ouch!! grot didn't move quick enough.
One of the mightiest vehicles the Orks can field on the battlefield is the Battlewagon. A large truck welded together with different kind of scraps and loot. It can be used as a mobile firing platform with a big gun on it or you can choose to use it as a transport vehicle. It has a few nice option but the best one in my opinion is the deff rolla.

Ork Transport Battlewagon with freehand Bad Moon symbol on the reinforced ram

I have only done a couple of small conversions to this model. you can see the exhaust is on the side instead of the back and I have given the side gunners a more enclosed position. The best one in my opinion is the flattened Grot on the Deff Rolla.
Ork Transport Battlewagon, PLenty of room in the back!