Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Faction Focus: Ork Mad Dok Grotsnik

When limbs are flying through the air of the battlefield you can be sure Mad Dok Grotsnik isn't far away. He loves a good scrap but he loves putting Orks back together even more. An injured Ork can have any missing body part replaces by Grotsnik as long as he has enough teeth to pay for it. If they pay a little extra he will even fit you with a few bionic parts enhancing the combat skills.

Mad Dok Grotsnik leads the charge on Belis usual.
Mad dok Grotsnik is known for his weird experiments. He fitted himself two bionic arms and a powerklaw for superior strength, a bionic eye with target finder, Metal Maw and various pneumatic parts to make him stronger.

The Ork Grotsnik, also known as Mad Dok Grotsnik, was a typical Ork Painboy obsessed with the performance of "surjery" and rooting around in other people's heads to see what he could find -- or alter. Mad Dok Grotsnik is an absolute terror, the most bloodthirsty and deranged of an unhinged breed. Once a Painboy of some skill, Grotsnik is now all but berserk with the desire to do harm to others. He rose to prominence when he became the personal Dok of the future Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka and Ghazghkull gave him credit for opening up his mind to the messages of the Ork Gods Gork and Mork that subsequently led Ghazghkull to lead the two greatest Ork WAAAGH!s in recent history during the Second and Third Wars for Armageddon.

Raving and screaming, the delusional Dok leads the charge toward the foe at an all-out sprint, unmindful of enemy fire in his desperation to sink needles and blades into unwilling flesh. His surgical skills are questionable at best, and only the most desperate Orks will go to him for medical assistance. Yet Ghazghkull will tolerate no threat to the safety of the Ork who facilitated his visions. Indeed, as Ghazghkull's Great WAAAGH! blazes its way across the stars, Grotsnik has become an integral part of the Goff Warlord's personal retinue. The Dok has not entirely lost his touch with a chain-scalpel -- for some reason he still seems able to rein in his maddened impulses if ever called upon to tend the wounds of Ghazghkull himself, and has saved the mighty Greenskin Warlord's life on more than one occasion. Otherwise, however, Grotsnik's chief value these days is as a fighter. He is as brutal as the meanest Goff Nob, and his sheer boundless ferocity serves him well in the press of battle. In combat the Dok becomes a frenzied whirlwind, his excesses inspiring those Orks around him to ever-greater acts of violence.(warhammer wiki)