Sunday, 17 September 2017

Faction Focus Orks: Meet the Boyz!

When the green tide attacks the earth trembles and the trees shake. Coming closer and closer you can hear their savage roars swelling to a deafening noise and all you can see are Green Orks and probably a lot of flying limbs.
The Ork Boyz green tide on Belis Alta
I proudly present you part of my own green tide. I have about 100 normal boyz in a 70/30 ratio of slugga's to shoota's. These are about 60 of them. It takes me a long time to paint up a group as I paint all of the details and use multiple layers but I like the end result.

Here are some more shots of my Boyz:  WAAAAAAGH!!!

You need a few Nobz to keep things running Smootly

Here's a better picture of a few individual Boyz and you can see why it takes me some time to paint up a new unit. Painting 30 at the time is too much but doing only 10 at the time goes too slow. After all these boys I still haven't found that sweet spot.