Sunday, 16 July 2017

Faction Focus: Grey Knights Inquisitor Coteaz

Once inquisitor Coteaz heard word about the uprising on Belis Alta he immediately set course to the sector. He gave orders to ignore the imperial blockade that was put in place to contain the thread on Belis Alta. When his strike cruiser "Icarus" was within orbit of the planet he gathered all the data from the intercepted communications and decided to make planet fall right outside the old hive city Belis prime. From there he would first move through the hab sectors in the south before reaching his destination, the industrial sector, he believed to find what he was looking for here.
Inquisitor Coteaz moving through a hab sector in Belis Prime.
Moving in with a small team of inquisitorial henchmen and assisted by a small detachment of Grey Knights and Kaldor Draigo himself he soon found himself deep in enemy territory. Surrounded and outnumbered they managed to push forward deeper and deeper into the ruined city. Would they find what they came looking for.....? Make sure to come back soon and find out.