Friday, 21 July 2017

Faction Focus: Genestealer Cult Patriarch Kartichii

Many years ago a cargo vessel landed on planet Belis Alta. Unknown then the transport harboured a genestealer that had slipped aboard. The cargo vessel had investigated a ghostly abandoned space cruiser that drifted Steeringless through space. On board the investigation was fruitless. All crew members seemed to have disappeared. No signs of violence, no bodies. The vessel seemed to have been evacuated. Unknowngly the investigators brought a genestealer to their own ship when they salvaged the cruiser's cargo.
Genestealer Patriarch Kartichii and two Familiars
On Belis Alta the genestealer hid in the shadows waiting for a suitable prey. It found it in Ministorum Priest Benedict Alphus. He "blessed" Alphus with the genestealers kiss, infecting him and setting his own transformation in motion. The genestealer over time grew and became more powerful, as a psychic and in strength. He became the Patriarch known as Kartichii.

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I had a lot of fun painting up this model. It is really well thought out and has a great pose. The only thing I don't like about genestealers is the mouths coming out their tongues so I shaved that off. It was really fun trying to paint the Patriarch as if he was using his psychic powers and having his brain glow and the power going through his body to the tip of his claw.