Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Why Genestealer Cult...?

To understand why I 've started this blog we must travel back in time to the year 1990. I was a young lad, 13 years old and me and the guys in my neighbourhood were hooked on a boardgame game called HeroQuest. We played it a lot and we were chuffed that MB released another game trying to exploit the commercial success of HeroQuest. This game was called Space Crusade but because we live in The Netherlands we knew it as Star Quest. For some reason they changed the title of the game for some countries.

Looks like good ol' 90's fun doesn't it..
It were my first experiences with Citadel miniatures and I was blissfully unaware of the 40K universe and the grim dark future. I hadn't heard of Games Workshop and we played with unpainted figures, it didn't even occur to us that we could have painted them. We had fun with the Space Crusade game but it didn't caught on like Hero Quest and after a few weeks we stopped playing...we forgot about our adventures in dark dungeons and our missions on a space hulk, we moved on to other things.I always look back to those fond memories of the winter of 1990, playing games with my friends, coming up with our own scenarios and trying to block each other in every mission. I had never heard of a Plasma Gun before, never played a game with dice and it took a long time before I would once again roll dice trying to get an armour save.Over the years I forgot about Games Workshop and their games until(2008) I found a game of Hero Quest and Space Crusade in a local charity shop and couldn't resist buying them both.